Keep Calm, it's Just a Service Dog....

We understand people don't really know much about service dogs.

Melissa Capistrano is a neuro divergent and physically disabled crew member.  Melissa Capistrano is accomanied by a migraine alert small breed service dog or a mobility assistance large breed service dog.. It is illegal to deny service dogs access without a prior attempt of accomodation for work places or private places of business. Access can be denied if locations are sterile enviroments (ex, a laboratory), places of worship (permission must be asked), or open animal exhitbits (certain parts of zoos and aquariums). 

The Department of Justice and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not recognize any licensing or certification. ALL "licenses" or "certificates" bought online are FAKE. A service dog is recognized as a dog trained with at least one medical task that aids thier impaired/disabled handler exclusively. By law, the impaired/disabled handler must be in complete control of thier Service Dog/In Training. Good public access training and the dog's ability to complete medical tasks for thier Impaired/Disabled handler is what makes a legitimate Service Dog. It is illegal to ask service dog handlers for proof that they are disabled. It is completely illegal to ask for any form of Service dog license or certification.. 

Duncan and Teela are task trained servicedogs. Their rights and access privileges are protected by Federal Law. They meet all ADA service dog requirements and are liability insured because they are working dogs. Duncan and Teela are NOT pets or Emotional Support Animals. Emotional Support Animals DO NOT have access privliges, and ARE NOT acknowleged as Service Dogs PERIOD. Comfort alone is not a medical task. Teela and Duncan are federally recognized medical equipment. They are task trained to assist Melissa Capistrano's disabilities exclusively.  Interfering with or distracting a service dog is illegal. Faking a Service Dog can lead to fines and time in jail. It also makes access harder for the disabled community. If you have additional service dog questions check out this website:

Duncan and Teela are solely Melissa Capistrano's responsability. If they are ever disruptive without provocation, it is completely legal to have the dogs removed from premisis. Melissa Capistrano is responsible for all expenses Duncan and Teela incur. Individuals having canine allergies are not legal grounds to deny Duncan or Teela access, by law both parties must be accomodated. Do not interact with or take pictures of Teela without her handler's/Melissa's permission. For the sake of the Service Dog Handler Community and the access/discrimination issues we face, we are cautious to ensure that we do not aid in the epidemic of fake service dogs. melissa will increase charge additional for everytime someone tries to interact with her service dog without consent... Does everyone go around petting wheelchairs and oxygen tanks? No, you don't and distracting a service dog is the equivalent of that.